Happy 2020! I'm Hacked

Happy New Year Friends, 

A new decade is upon us and our 2020 opportunities are endless. I hope your holidays were everything you needed them to be. I had a lovely little break that consisted of never wearing pants, ordering too much UberEats, getting too invested in TikTok (@staceymcgunnigle ), while re-watching Season 5 & 6 of Southern Charm. And I regret nothing... Except the moment on Jan 6th when I finally had to put on “real” pants and realized the consequences of my actions…

I am starting this new decade excited for what lies ahead while also dealing with a Pervy Internet Hacker who seems obsessed with my Moderate Internet Presence. They have created a fake Instagram account using my name and most recently hacked my Twitter. Instagram has offered no support and Twitter keeps telling me “I can solve the problem on my own ”. But I would argue that’s not true, because I tried and now I’m feeling it’s more like an “absolutely not, no thank you, impossible, I tried, are you nuts?!, ugh, no, yeah right, who do you think you are? I want to speak to the manager!” situation. But I'm trying to turn this hacking into fashion and I’m only breaking down during commercial breaks of The Bachelor…

Yes! I know I’m being dramatic. Yes! I know this is first world problems. And Yes! I know that you know that I know you know! But WHO IS THIS PERSON?! And Why are they OBSESSED?!

Now, this is not a call to attack the Internet Perv, I feel like this newsletter is already bringing too much attention to them, so know that the account has been reported. And thanks to those who have also seen the account and reported it as well. This newsletter is just more of a rant about how I can often forget that the internet can be a little scary sometimes. I take it for granted because I feel like we’ve created a great community of people who support and encourage each other and this Perv is trying to change that. And to that I say NO THANK YOU!

It seems as though this Twitter issue will take a while to fix so in the interim I have created a new Twitter account @StaceyMcG and I would love a little follow and maybe a little friend follow if you have the time to recommend…which I hope you do! If you’re on the “follow fence” please know my Twitter vibe is “33 year old, redheaded woman, newly divorced, who will use her platform for good and talk about the new season of Vanderpump Rules, her new podcast episodes (Two launched this week!) and of course the incredible benefits of apple cider vinegar…”.

Internet Hacker Perv aside I am feeling excited for the New Year. I just moved and I can’t tell you how excited I am. I finally have the space to podcast, make videos, and keep building this amazing community of Internet Friends. That sounds lame, and that’s because it is. And I regret nothing. I’m ready to make 2020 my lover and I won’t be stopped by some internet Perv who doesn’t even have a swipe up link. So Happy New Year and see you next week!


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okay. Housekeeping Done. Newsletter. Done.



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